Got all of your ducks in a row?

Long time no blog! Sorry about that!!! I was away for Thanksgiving and then I went to Disney World for an entire week. I left Gobo and Mokey with my parents while I was away, and they seemed to have a good time. My parents have a much larger house than I do, so they have plenty of room to explore and hide.

Anyway, while visiting my parents, I went to use the restroom one day. What did I find in the bathroom (other than a toilet, sink, bathtub and other bathroom items)??? the bathtub....with some rubber duckies! Of course I immediately grabbed my camera to catch a picture because it was too cute to ignore. While taking some pictures, Mokey jumped in too! So, I had Gobo, Mokey and some ducks...all in the bathtub. Too funny!
Gobo's got all of his ducks in a row

Gobo fantasizes about swimming in the sea with his duckies
Mokey joins Gobo and the duckies for a swim!