So, I took Gobo to the vet for the first time in probably about 6 years. I have been very lucky with him...he has been very healthy for all 8 (almost 9!) years of his life. Lately, he's been acting strange though. He's been going to his litter box in the middle of the night and yowling at the top of his lungs. It really worried me. I thought that maybe he was having difficulty going to the bathroom...maybe he had a UTI or something like that? So, I decided to take him to the vet! The vet was very nice, but poor Gobo was shaking the entire time he was there (and even on the car ride over). I felt so bad! He looked at Gobo and said he looked very healthy (phew!), but gave me a special prescription cat food to help any urinary problems that he could possibly have. He also told me that he thinks Gobo might be allergic to the Purina I've been feeding him (he seems to be scratching right around his eyebrow area a the point that he's even cut himself). So, I'm trying out this new food. The problem is that the Purina is about $5-$8 tops....this food is $28 a bag!!! RIDICULOUS! So, I'm paying an astronomical price for my cat's food's worth it if it helps him. If not, then I don't know what to do! Here are some recent pictures of my crazy kitties:

Mokey cuddled on my legs



Haircuts and Snugglies

So, I took Gobo and Mokey for their yearly haircuts. They did very well, and I actually got to watch the haircuts this time. They were both so calm and patient. Unfortunately, I have a new Mokey problem that's started very recently...she seems to pee in her kitty carrier every time I take her anywhere now! This is not a fun habit to deal with, but all I can do is put wee-wee pads and towels in her kitty carrier, and hope for the best. Sigh...she seems to be using her urine in bad ways all of the time. It's driving me nuts!

Anywho, I had 2 days off of work, and I ended up being really sick. So, it worked out well b/c I got to stay in bed and rest, and didn't have to use up my sick/vacation days. I noticed something really interesting though...whenever I walked into the living room, Gobo and Mokey were always snuggled up together on the couch! This must be what they do when I'm at work all day! It made me so happy to see them so snuggly and loving. I took a few pics with my cell phone (that turned out pretty blurry unfortunately) and a few others with my regular camera. It was just too cute..I had to get some pics :-)


So, I do love my kitties, but lately, I don't know what's going on with Gobo...he's driving me insane! Without fail, he wakes me up at 4:30am, meowing. I don't know what he wants....he just starts knocking things over in my room and meowing really loudly. It could just be for attention, but it's getting ridiculous...and if I shut him out of my bedroom, he'll just meow louder. He's not one to give up after awhile either. If I ignore his meowing, he doesn't stop...he'll just meow louder and more often. ARGH! Well at least HE is sleeping soundly with no interruptions! haha! Here are some sweet, cuddly pics of Gobo and Mokey from last week...

Cuddle Kitties

Just posting some new pictures for 2011. The kitties are doing well, and Mokey hasn't been peeing outside of the litter box lately (knock on wood!). Hopefully, she won't do it again. I'm going away for a vacation in April, and my parents are going to kitty sit, so I'm hoping the "new environment" doesn't cause Mokey to start peeing around the house again.