Haircuts and Snugglies

So, I took Gobo and Mokey for their yearly haircuts. They did very well, and I actually got to watch the haircuts this time. They were both so calm and patient. Unfortunately, I have a new Mokey problem that's started very recently...she seems to pee in her kitty carrier every time I take her anywhere now! This is not a fun habit to deal with, but all I can do is put wee-wee pads and towels in her kitty carrier, and hope for the best. Sigh...she seems to be using her urine in bad ways all of the time. It's driving me nuts!

Anywho, I had 2 days off of work, and I ended up being really sick. So, it worked out well b/c I got to stay in bed and rest, and didn't have to use up my sick/vacation days. I noticed something really interesting though...whenever I walked into the living room, Gobo and Mokey were always snuggled up together on the couch! This must be what they do when I'm at work all day! It made me so happy to see them so snuggly and loving. I took a few pics with my cell phone (that turned out pretty blurry unfortunately) and a few others with my regular camera. It was just too cute..I had to get some pics :-)