A New Beginning...

Well now that I've introduced you all to Gobo, it's time to meet the new addition to my family: Mokey! I decided that it wasn't fair to leave Gobo home alone all day (I'd come home from work or the gym and he would cry and yell at me! I felt so awful!!!), so I started searching for a friend for him. I knew I was moving to a much bigger place, so 2 cats wouldn't be any more difficult than 1. I searched Petfinder.com pretty much everyday for a few months, but none of the kitties caught my attention. Then, one day I saw "Trudi"...
When I saw that picture of that adorable kitten, I knew right away that she was the one I wanted. I applied online to adopt her through FOLAS (Friends of Linden Animal Shelter http://www.folas.org/). When I didn't hear back after a day or two, I decided to call them up myself!! They were really sweet on the phone, and they actually said they were about to call me (I was just impatient!). In mid-June, I went to the Pet Smart in Union, NJ and met with Ginny, the woman who was fostering "Trudi." She told me that she has 7 cats...and if I hadn't come along to adopt "Trudi," she would have had 8 because "Trudi" has SUCH an amazing personality. She said that she is the most loving and affectionate kitten. I asked if it was ok to change her name to "Mokey." Ginny didn't mind at all, and she said she really liked my name choice (though she didn't know Fraggle Rock at all). So, I signed the adoption papers and took my first picture of Mokey:

How could you NOT fall in love with that face?! They guess that Mokey was born sometime in late April, but don't know the exact date. She was from a litter of 5 (4 girls and 1 boy), and they rescued her from a shelter in Perth Amboy. Nobody knows anything about her mother or father...they just had the 5 kittens in the shelter. They sent me a picture of her brother and one of her sisters in their new homes:

Mokey ended up having a terrible upper respiratory infection a week after I adopted her. I took her to a wonderful vet in Iselin (who says Mokey is her favorite patient), and they gave me some medication. After a day or two, the infection had cleared up and Mokey was back to her sweet and loving self!

I picked Mokey because she looks like my friend's cat (she has such an adorable cat!!!), who is a Turkish Van mix. I definitely think Mokey is also a Turkish Van mix. Here are some pictures of Turkish Vans, so you can decide for yourself:

In the beginning...

I have decided to start a blog about my cats. No, I'm not a "crazy cat lady." I just take SO many pictures of these guys that I thought it would be fun to have a blog to show them off! So right now, my plan is to write a new entry every weekday (maybe sometimes I'll write on weekends, but I don't know). I doubt I'll end up doing it EVERY single day...but I'm going to give it a go! I'd like to post one picture per entry. So, everyday will be a different picture with a different story/description.

So...let's start off with my first cat, Gobo. Gobo was born in March of 2003 and I adopted him from Paws of Gold Feline Rescue (
http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/NY396.html) in May of 2003. I was looking for some type of Maine Coon mix because my friend had a Maine Coon and it was the SWEETEST and friendliest cat I had ever met!!! I went to a shelter down in South Jersey and started talking with a woman who was looking at all of the cute cats who were in the shelter. I told her that I wanted a Maine Coon type of cat, and she said, "I used to work for the Maine Coon Rescue Group, but I hated how they were run. So, a few of my friends from that group joined me in starting a rescue group of our own." They had JUST started this rescue group, and she and I exchanged emails so she could send me pictures of some of the cats/kittens that she was fostering. She sent me one picture and asked if I would be interested in any of the kittens in this image:

I immediately fell in love with the one in the front with the diamond on his forehead! I wrote back to her right away and said I wanted him...she said I was the first to respond, so he was mine!!! Apparently, 3 or 4 other people wrote to her right after I had written...so I got to her JUST in time! I picked up Gobo at her house in Central Jersey and she told me that he was definitely her favorite kitten of the group. She said he was full of personality. She definitely wasn't lying about that one!! Gobo is quite the explorer (which fits well with his name since Gobo Fraggle was the adventurous Fraggle, who was always traveling and exploring)...always curious and SO loving. He is so super soft and he loves to cuddle with me. He is such a friendly cat...never wants to be alone...always wants to be around people. I'm SO lucky to have such an amazing cat!