An Apple a Day...

Mokey went to the vet this weekend. She's pretty good usually, but she had some difficulty with the two shots she got this time (poor Mokey!). She had her rabies shot and her FVRCP (whatever the heck that means!). I go to Iselin Vet and I love all of the vets there!!! They are all so nice and can tell that they really love their patients. It's 30minutes from my house, but it's worth the drive! I'm sure I could find a good vet that's closer to me, but I love this place too much to switch. Mokey now weights 6lbs...I think she weighed 2lbs at her first appointment! That Purina Kitten Chow is certainly working. Also, Mokey lost a baby tooth!!! It is such a cute, little tooth.

Anywho, here are some pictures of Mokey's visit to the vet:

Just monkeying around...

I think one of the cutest things is an animal who cuddles with a stuffed animal! It's probably because it just makes the animal look so much like a person. On scale of 1-10, the cuteness factor of these next pictures has to be at least a 9:

I usually don't catch Gobo being all cute and cuddly (he always cuddles, but by the time I grab my camera, he's gone!). I love the 2nd picture because it looks like Gobo is giving the stuffed monkey a kiss on the head! <3

Kitty Porn...

Ok, so this title is quite deceptive. No worries...there is no actual "pornography" (this blog is rated "G")'s just that Gobo and Mokey seem to have one toy that is a little odd. I'll be getting dressed in the morning, and I'll lay out my clothes on my bed...and the first thing my kitties gravitate to is my bra! What is it about my bra that makes my cats want to play with it?! I mean they choose the bra over the shirt, pants, socks and underwear! Gobo has been doing it since he was a kitten...and now Mokey's started doing it herself. Rather than throwing away old bras, I should save them as play toys for my cats! It might be a little odd if I have guests over though. Can you imagine hanging out at a friend's house, and her cat is running all over the house, dragging a bra along with it?! Yeah...that's probably just a bit inappropriate (just like the title of this post).

Here are some pictures of the culprits in action:

Treat Time!

One of my favorite things to do is to shake the jar of treats and hear Gobo and Mokey come sprinting down the hall and into my room! Sometimes I don't even hear them...I just shake the treats and when I look at my feet, there are 2 cats right there. Mokey usually jumps up on my bed to be closer to my hands (and the treats), and Gobo just sits patiently at my feet.

My friend, Anna, just got me a fun, new jar for my kitty treats. It was a very sweet housewarming gift, and Gobo and Mokey REALLY appreciate it! So, here was Gobo and Mokey's introduction to the jar-o-treats:

Gobo checks it out to see if it's safe

Mokey wants to check it out too!

Mokey investigates...

It's safe! Hooray!!! TREAT TIME!!!


Despite the occassional growling and hissing I hear from Gobo (which I really can't blame him for - I mean Mokey is like that annoying little sister that Gobo never really wanted), it seems like Gobo and Mokey are getting along pretty well now! They have been snuggling pretty close together lately. I get so happy when I see them playing nicely. I even took a video with my cell phone of Gobo cleaning Mokey. It's SO sweet! I snuck in some shots the other day of the two of them starting to cuddle up a bit:

They did get some alone time also. Mokey isn't always annoying Gobo. She lets him have some time to himself every now and then:

I'm a model you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk...

Gobo is a very pretty cat...and I think that sometimes even HE knows that! He seems to "pose" for pictures a lot. Here are some examples of Gobo's "modeling":

Absolutely maaahvelous dahling!

Gobo's headshot (resume includes leading roles in shows such as "Cats," "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," and "The Lion King")

Why are you looking at me that way?

Oooh so sexy

My little baby

Since Gobo was my first cat, he will always be my little baby. I love him so much and he is such a cuddler! I think Gobo took the "baby" thing a little too literally though. My sister came into town once with her baby (who is now 5 years old!), and Gobo seemed to enjoy the baby's "playset" more than the baby did!

Since Gobo seemed to love that playset so much (and my sister (a) didn't enjoy the cat hair on her baby's playset and (b) wasn't willing to give the playset up to me), I decided to get him one of his own:

Check it's shaped like a mouse!!!

Jersey Strong

So, I belong to a gym called WoW (no, you computer's not "World of Warcraft"! It's "Work Out World"). This gym is having a contest. Here's how it works:

Take a cool photo anywhere in NJ, make sure an authentic JERSEY STRONG sticker is visible somewhere in the photo, and then just upload it to the Work Out World website to enter the contest. WIN A FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP --- There’s one winner picked each month. If your photo is selected as the winner of the contest, you’ll receive a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP TO WOW, and never pay membership dues, ever!

I took a bunch of pictures of Gobo and Mokey with the "Jersey Strong" sticker. I want to enter the contest, but don't know which photo or photos I should submit (you can submit as many photos as you want). I need opinions, so please tell me which photos you think are the best:

Picture #1:

Picture #2:

Picture #3:

Picture #4:

Picture #5:

Picture #6:

Picture #7
Please tell me your opinions!!! Just leave a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks!!!

Some good, clean fun

So, even though it took awhile, it seems that Gobo and Mokey are "pals" now. There are times when I am worried that Gobo is attacking Mokey, but then I see that Gobo is just trying to get a hold of Mokey so that he can groom her. It's really cute!

"So we meet again..."

"Don't make this more difficult than it already is..."

"I will slap a cat!"

"I've got you now..."

"Ha! There you will be clean and you will enjoy it!"

Me and my kitties...

You know how people go to a party and start taking pictures of themselves with friends? They just take their camera, put their arm around a friend, reach out their arm, and snap the shot. Sometimes heads are chopped off, usually it's off center, but it's always a fun picture. Well, I do this with my kitties! Here are some lovely "self-portraits" I have taken with Gobo and Mokey:

Smiling with my Gobo:

Shhh...Mokey and I are napping:

A kiss for Gobo:

Posing with Mokey:

Playtime with Mokey

So, I didn't get a chance to update my blog yesterday, so I will have a "Saturday Entry" this week in place of my Friday entry. I will make this one quick...just a couple of pics. Mokey is quite the playful one (of course she is...she's a kitten!). I love watching her run back and forth from one side of my house to the other! She can entertain herself for hours with little kitty toys....even a bottle cap entertains her. It's fun to watch her play "catch" with herself!!! So, without further ado, here are some Mokey playtime pics: