Mokey Monday

I have decided to make this week "Mokey Week"! To all of you Gobo fans, don't worry! There will also be a "Gobo Week" coming up soon. Mokey Week is very simple...I will post a new picture of Mokey everyday of the week. Each picture will have a little quip or story. I may post one photo, or more than one photo...depends on what I feel like doing on each particular day.

Today I want to show 2 sides of Mokey: her loving side and her crazy side. Let's start off with her loving side. On moving day, Gobo was really upset. The old place was being emptied out and he didn't seem to know what to do with himself. Mokey didn't seem to mind the move. She's pretty relaxed and flexible, and adjusts to everything very well. Gobo was so upset that he decided to hide in the empty bedroom closet at my old place. This is what Gobo likes to do when he's upset...he hides!! It's usually under the covers or under the bed, but there was no bed in the room he had to resort to his closet hiding spot. Mokey was playing and having a good time, but she noticed how sad Gobo was. So, she went into the closet, snuggled up next to Gobo, and tried to comfort him:

She did the same thing at the new home:

Not only is Mokey a total sweetheart, she's also a complete loon!!! She is very playful and silly...sometimes I think she even makes "silly poses" just for my camera:

Happy Mokey Monday!!!


Dzemowa said...

hey my name is angelika . i`m from poland . this blog is sweet.

Debbie said...

Thanks Angelika! I'm glad you read it :-)