An evening with Gobo

I know you are all just dying to know what an evening with Gobo is like...well today's your lucky day! I took some pictures of Gobo last night before I went to bed (I should have taken more pictures at 4am when he decided it would be fun to knock things over and wake me up!!!).

First, as stated in the previous blog post, Gobo enjoys his time in the window (notice how I no longer have a's now just a "relaxation spot" for Gobo and Mokey):

Second, we have Gobo in his favorite spot...the night table right next to my bed. This is the exact same place he likes to go to wake me up at 4am. Usually he'll push my lamp or alarm clock over....either that, or he'll knock anything over that is sitting on the night table. If that doesn't wake me up, he'll start playing with whatever it is he knocked to the ground...kicking it all over my room and running back and forth. He's a pretty big cat so it's surprising that he can even fit on that night table:

I decided to take some pictures from below as well. I wondered what it was like for Mokey, who usually sits on the floor right below Gobo. Well here is Gobo through the eyes of Mokey:

Poor Mokey!!! It must be pretty scary to have that HUGE cat staring down at you! Now Gobo's favorite time of the night is "treat time." I usually just shake the can of treats and he comes running. It probably takes less than a second for Gobo to get to me after I've shaken the treats:

How can I resist that face?! I mean I know I'm biased because he's my cat, but I seriously think he is the cutest cat...and I can't say "no" to that face!!! So, he gets his treats:

You can tell that Gobo thoroughly enjoys those treats:

After he's devoured all of his treats, Gobo goes right back to his favorite little spot...just as he was before:

What a life that cat has!!!