An Apple a Day...

Mokey went to the vet this weekend. She's pretty good usually, but she had some difficulty with the two shots she got this time (poor Mokey!). She had her rabies shot and her FVRCP (whatever the heck that means!). I go to Iselin Vet and I love all of the vets there!!! They are all so nice and can tell that they really love their patients. It's 30minutes from my house, but it's worth the drive! I'm sure I could find a good vet that's closer to me, but I love this place too much to switch. Mokey now weights 6lbs...I think she weighed 2lbs at her first appointment! That Purina Kitten Chow is certainly working. Also, Mokey lost a baby tooth!!! It is such a cute, little tooth.

Anywho, here are some pictures of Mokey's visit to the vet: