Treat Time!

One of my favorite things to do is to shake the jar of treats and hear Gobo and Mokey come sprinting down the hall and into my room! Sometimes I don't even hear them...I just shake the treats and when I look at my feet, there are 2 cats right there. Mokey usually jumps up on my bed to be closer to my hands (and the treats), and Gobo just sits patiently at my feet.

My friend, Anna, just got me a fun, new jar for my kitty treats. It was a very sweet housewarming gift, and Gobo and Mokey REALLY appreciate it! So, here was Gobo and Mokey's introduction to the jar-o-treats:

Gobo checks it out to see if it's safe

Mokey wants to check it out too!

Mokey investigates...

It's safe! Hooray!!! TREAT TIME!!!