The Wonder of the Windowsill...

What is it about the windowsill???

I don't know what it is, but cats really seem to love to sit in the windowsill. Maybe it's the warm sun on their face, or maybe it's the view of the outside world...who knows? Either way, they really do love perching themselves right near the window.

When I was house hunting, I desperately wanted to find a place with a bay window. I'd love to see my kitties enjoying themselves in that huge window. Unfortunately, I didn't end up buying a place with a bay window (even though my next door neighbors have one...doh!). It's ok though...I did set up a perch for Gobo and Mokey in my bedroom window, and they really seem to love it! I also set up one of those cat trees in my 2nd bedroom, right in front of the window. They love to climb that tree and perch in that windowsill as well.

So, here are some pictures of Gobo and Mokey in various windowsills:


E said...

If I could fit in one of my windowsills, I'd spend all my time there (hence why I want a bay window too!!), and Dante's favorite place to sit is anywhere he can watch what is going on outside. My bedroom window is perfect height for him to sit and still rest his chin on the sill. Your kitties are adorable, deb. Love them!!

Axelrod said...

I love that last photo!