's sleepy time

So, since it is my LEAST favorite day of the week today (Tuesday...let me explain this...Monday is the first day of the week so I'm refreshed and ready to work, Tuesday is still the beginning of the week but I'm no longer refreshed from the weekend, Wednesday is the middle of the week so we're halfway there, Thursday is one day closer to Friday, and Friday is the last day of the week! So, Tuesday just sucks!), and all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep, I am going to post nap pictures of Gobo and Mokey.

Gobo LOVES to sleep under the covers. He will dig his way under my covers and sleep at my feet at night. I know that if I see a big lump in my bed, it's Gobo! Gobo did this at my parents' house, and my brother thought it was so funny. He then started to poke Gobo...Gobo didn't like that. It's one of the few times he's ever hissed! So, lesson NOT interrupt Gobo's nap!

The first time Gobo and Mokey cuddled up together:

Gobo just wants to be alone:

Gobo sleeps in his carry case (even though he hates when I try to put him in there to take him to the car):

Gobo sleeps on the computer, while Mokey sleeps under the computer desk:

Gobo and Mokey both like to sprawl out on the bed:

Mokey blends in with my furniture:

Is anyone else feeling REALLY sleepy right now???