Snippity Snip

So, it's that time of year again....time for a haircut!!! Gobo has been getting a nice Summer buzz cut for years now, but this was Mokey's first haircut. I was so nervous for her (since she is really skittish), but I was also excited to see what she'd look like. I think Gobo looks like a little lion when he gets his hair cut for the Summer... actually, he looks a little silly (a silly lion?). It's probably because of the color of his fur. Gobo is a "nude" color, so when he gets a shave, he looks naked!

I think Mokey's haircut turned out even better than Gobo's. You can barely tell that she is all shaved!!! The color of her fur makes the shave look so nice and smooth. I really love it on her. Unfortunately, she had a rough time with the whole bathing routine. The person at the "salon" said that Mokey got really scared in the bathtub, and tried to leap out. She cut her own paw and was bleeding a bit. She's fine now, but I was so sad to hear that she was freaking out like that. I hate that she was so scared and there was nothing I could do to help her. Hopefully, she's enjoying the nice, cool Summer cut....especially with the crazy humidity that we have right now.

So, the haircut torture is over now....until next year!!!!