A Game of Cat and Cat...

Mokey is definitely a little rabble-rouser. She enjoys taunting Gobo...seeing how long it will take to annoy him. She'll usually hide to stalk him, and then just leap out and attack. Her favorite thing to do is use his tail as a play toy....he is not so fond of that game. Here are some Hide & Go Seek games that they were playing:

Mokey: "Gobo can't get me under here...heh heh!"

Gobo: "Hey...where did she go???"


Mokey: "Shhh...you don't see me..."

That little paw is dangerous...it can just pop out and swat at any moment!

Mokey finds a new hiding spot

Mokey hides behind the buddha dome litter box

Gobo: "A-ha! I found you!"

Gobo: "You can run, but you can't hide...anymore..."

Gobo: "What? I didn't do anything...I'm so sweet and innocent"