Snugglin' with my Gobster

One of the greatest things about Gobo is that he's a total cuddle kitty!!! Mokey is still a kitten, so I don't know if she'll be a snuggler or not, but Gobo is DEFINITELY a snuggler. I actually woke up one morning this week with Gobo snuggled up on top of my head, and Mokey curled up on my belly. It was SO cute! I didn't want to move!

I was worried that when I got Mokey, Gobo would no longer cuddle with me. Luckily, Mokey didn't change Gobo's cuddling habits. I DO notice that Gobo is a bit more possessive over me now. He'll be snuggling with me, and Mokey will come over, and Gobo will just growl at her! I think that sometimes she's just a little too playful for him. She's a kitten so she has a lot more energy than he does. He will chase her around the house a lot, but there are times when he just wants to mellow out...and she just never seems to stop. She thinks his big, fluffy tail is a chew toy! He doesn't appreciate that at all!!!

Anywho, Gobo is a champion cuddler. I used to sleep with a stuffed animal, but I don't anymore because Gobo is pretty much my stuffed animal...haha! I like to sleep on my side, and Gobo usually curls up cheek to cheek with me. Lately he's been enjoying the spot on top of my head! He'll lay on my pillow, right above my head, and nuzzle his nose on my forehead and cheek. I love it!!! Here are some snuggling moments that were caught on camera:

I was even able to catch a rare Mokey cuddling moment: