In the Window...

One of my favorite things is coming home from work, and being greeted by my kitties. They both have their "spot" by the front doorway. I walk into my place and Gobo is sitting to my left, on the dining room table, while Mokey is standing right in front of me. I usually pet both of them on the head a bit (and Mokey chirps), and then they follow me into my bedroom. A friend of mine kitty-sat for me recently. It was funny because he said, "Gobo and Mokey were so cute...Gobo was sitting on the dining room table, and Mokey was right in front of the door when I came in!" haha! It seems to be their "assigned spots." In Psych class we used to discuss how humans are territorial...we put a bookbag on a chair so that nobody will take our spot. Usually, once you've found your "spot," you expect people to know that it's YOUR spot and they'd better not take it! I find that I do that in the gym too...I have my favorite elliptical, and when someone else is on it, I get all upset. How dare they use MY elliptical! Well, I guess cats do the same thing...they have their "spot." Their spot on my bed (Gobo is on my head, Mokey is at my feet or on my lap), their spot in my window (Gobo is in the master bedroom window and Mokey is in the 2nd bedroom window), their spot in the bathroom, and their spot when I come into the house.

Here are some pictures of Mokey and Gobo in their "spots":

Mokey's "spot" in the window (can you see her??)

Gobo's "spot" in the window (can you see him??)

Gobo's "spot" on my head

Mokey's "spot" in her hut

Gobo's "spot" on the bathroom sink

Mokey's "spot" on the bathroom floor