Cuteness in the carry case

I have so many issues when it comes to taking my pets to the vet. I feel so bad taking them there (even though my vet is the sweetest person). Both Mokey and Gobo are not too fond of car rides, and neither of them like being "trapped" in their kitty carrier. It's funny because I had heard that cats normally like being enclosed in small spaces...I guess my cats only like being enclosed in small spaces that they choose to put themselves in. They don't like when I put them there! Gobo is worse than Mokey, but who knows how Mokey will be now that she probably associates the carry case with going to the vet to have surgery!

Here is why I feel so bad putting Mokey in her carry case:

Gobo hates when I put him in the carry case, but he seems to go in their on his own all of the time! What's up with that?!