Together Again!

Gobo came back home last Thursday...hooray! I didn't know if he and Mokey would recognize each other, so I put Mokey in her kitty carrier, let Gobo in the house, and let him sniff her. He sniffed her for maybe 2 seconds, then walked away. Mokey was so sad, so I immediately let her out of her carrier. I was worried that they wouldn't remember each other, but they seemed to be back to their old selves almost immediately. Once Mokey was out of her carrier, she found Gobo, and he started cleaning her. Then they chased each other around the house a bit. Gobo growled and hissed at her a few times when she was annoying him, but that's all.

Last night, I was lying in my bed and Gobo was at my feet...Mokey jumped up on the bed, and I thought Gobo would swat her away. He didn't! He started cleaning her, and then they cuddled up together! It was SO cute!!!! Of course, I had my camera right next to my bed, so I got some really cute shots of the two of them:

Gobo really gets a hold of Mokey to clean her up

Mokey seems to love the attention from Gobo

Look at that! They are cuddling!!!

So happy....

Mokey seems to be in complete euphoria