My New Cuddle Kitty...

Mokey had her "womanhood" taken away almost 2 weeks ago (it will be 2 weeks as of this Thursday). In order for her to recover more easily, I sent Gobo to my parents' house for 2 weeks. I am going to take her back to the vet this Wednesday, so they can remove her stitches, but she seems to be healing so well. I was worried that I would take her back home, and she'd be totally out of it....sleepy, sick and depressed. Wow...was I wrong! Quite the opposite actually. She is more cuddly than EVER and she is purring like a machine gun!!! She has slept in my arms ever since she got back from the vet and it's SO cute.

I don't know if she's more cuddly now because Gobo isn't around to compete for attention with her...or if she was traumatized by the overnight vet experience...or if having her spayed just calmed her and changed her personality a bit. I guess I'll have to see how she is when Gobo comes back this week (either Thursday or Friday). I'm hoping I don't have to go through the whole "introduction" thing again. I hope they remember each other and are happy to see each other! Two weeks seems like such a long time! I was told that if cats are separated for a month, they won't remember each other the next time they are reunited. It was so hard to get Gobo used to Mokey...I really don't want to have to deal with that again.

So, here are some pictures of Mokey, the cuddle kitty: