Mokey's Modeling

Since Gobo had some "glamour shots," I figured Mokey should have some of her own. Actually, I was quite excited because I found my camera that I thought I had lost way back in May!!!

I was at the mall Memorial Day Weekend and couldn't find my camera when I got back home. I usually keep my camera in my purse, so I assumed I had dropped it somewhere in the mall. I went back to the mall and retraced all of my steps, but to no avail. My camera was gone and I was really bummed (this was a brand new camera that I had JUST gotten as a gift in March!). WELL, I pulled out my electric blanket the other day (it's a fleece electric nice and cozy on a cold night!) because it was starting to get chilly, and my camera was folded up in the bag with my blanket!!! That's why I hadn't found it...I had put my electric blanket away for the summer and must have accidentally wrapped my camera up with it!

So, I decided to take some pictures with my new found camera (all of Mokey since Gobo is still at my parents' house - no worries...he'll be back tomorrow or Friday! Yay!):